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Creative thinking helps people to generate new ideas, and creativity can be considered an active process that necessarily involved in the process of innovation. Managing of creativity and innovation and monitoring modern technology for businesses and companies in unstable working conditions is an essential thing that we are fully aware of this at Madyar Fanavari Vira.


Innovation can be introduced as a general and very broad concept, including new ideas or a specific and different approach to things and …. Technology and innovation in combination with capital and human talents can act as an engine of growth and development of businesses and companies in times of economic crisis, so we at Madyar Fanavari Vira are moving in this direction.


In business, the ability to monitor, identify and master technologies and expertise is an essential requirement. The emergence of innovation and creativity requires a team work in a suitable context, and ultimately what makes creativity and innovation a suitable product is the necessary expertise in doing things. At Madyar Fanavari Vira, we have gathered everything from the experts in this field that you need.

Business research and technical consulting

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Smart call center system

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PC - Laptop - Accessories - Converters and ...

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Successful management of an idea and innovation is an art. Be aware that at best, starting a business or paying for an idea, you can not go all the way from the idea to the product alone.

We are here to be with you, in the maze of this difficult path …!

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